Appointment Booking

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Types of Appointments Available

New Service Planning Consultation

A Service Planning Consultation is a 45 minute session with one of our Management Team to document and plan supports around your individual needs and goals. Fees allow for 15 minutes to prepare a basic Support Profile.

If detailed documentation or further consult with other services is required, we will discuss possible fees related to this with you prior to proceeding.

$52.85 will be charged against the relevant NDIS plan.

Service Review Meeting

A Service Review Meeting is a 45 minute session and will generally be booked half way through your NDIS Plan period and again 4-6 weeks prior to the end of the plan period.

The purpose of this meeting is to review progress achieved on the goals set out in your NDIS Plan and to discuss how we can support you to improve your achievements, or adjust your goals to better suit any recent changes in your life.

While there is 15 minutes of documentation time built into the fees for this session for updating Support Profiles, we may discuss possible fees related to report writing where necessary prior to proceeding.

$52.85 will be charged against the relevant NDIS plan.


All Counselling sessions will be with Rachel, our Participant Support Officer. Rachel can support you with a range of issues, as a participant or the parent/carer of a participant.

Fees for each session include 1hr of direct contact with Rachel, as well as 1hr of her time to follow up on documentation of support strategies, making referrals as needed and initiating contact with any prior discussed external agencies on your behalf.

All records produced as a result of these sessions are stored securely, and kept confidential with only Rachel having access unless your prior consent is provided to share information.

$156.15 will be charged against the relevant NDIS plan